The Best Scrambled Eggs

This post originally appeared in slightly different form on my former blog

For a long time, I refused to eat scrambled eggs from restaurants.  Why? Because I knew they were never come close to being as good as my dad’s. My dad makes the world’s greatest scrambled eggs.

I’ve had people tell me that they don’t add oil or butter to the pan when they make scrambled eggs. Other people has told me that they don’t scramble the eggs before — just break them right into the pan and push them around until the yokes are broken. Which is fine. They will still taste good. But they won’t taste like my dad’s.

Three tips for the world’s best scrambled eggs: 

1) Use butter. 

2) Scramble the eggs (before they go in the pan), and add a splash of milk or cream and salt and pepper. And by scramble, I mean whisk — you can still use a fork, but stir the raw eggs quickly and kind of fluff them up. Get lots of air in there. 

3) Once the eggs are in the pan, don’t touch them while they are cooking until they are close to being down. 


  • two eggs
  • a little bit of milk
  • finely chopped red pepper
  • finely chopped white onion
  • finely grated parmesan cheese
  • butter (to melt in pan)
  • salt and pepper to taste

He doesn’t always do red pepper and white onion; that was just what we had in the fridge.  He often uses ham, green onion, other cheeses, etc.

My dad starts his scrambled eggs the way most people start omelets.  He cooks the mix-ins; in this case, the onion and pepper in the butter until the onions are translucent.  He whisks the eggs together in a bowl and adds them in, and doesn’t touch them until they are nearly cooked.

It’s hard to take a decent picture of my dad whisking – he’s just too fast for my limited camera skills!

Once the eggs are almost at an omelette consistency, he moves them around gently once or twice.  And that’s it. His eggs are always light and fluffy and delicious.



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