Five for Friday

+ I was only recently exposed to the idea of coworking, and I can’t get over how cool it is!

+ Vermicelli bowls are my latest favourite. My first attempt at this recipe was a fail*, but I’m determine to succeed next time!

+ My obsession with Talon of the Hawk has not abated. I still love every. single. song.

+ Hoping some fresh ideas for breakfast will make the mornings easier to prepare for.

+ Something to try next time I’m in the city.

*Halfway through I managed to convince myself that the sauce needed more liquid. In the form of soy sauce. Which turned it into a salty, unpalatable mess. It was also a mistake to include the cooked herbs from the marinade after the sugary marinade they cooked in had crystallized them into crunchy, salty chunks of black tar. 


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Five for Friday

+ This makes my morning commute seem so much less aggravating.

+ I’m thrilled with the Scotiabank Giller Shortlist. My goal is to read each one.

+ My favourite author series, Ridgeway Reads, is starting up soon!

+ Even though I’m sick of all these ‘this really happened to real people and we’re going to set it to music that makes it seem meaningful’ commercials I thought this premise of this one was clever.

+ Awkward family photos always get me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!