Five for Friday

+ I was only recently exposed to the idea of coworking, and I can’t get over how cool it is!

+ Vermicelli bowls are my latest favourite. My first attempt at this recipe was a fail*, but I’m determine to succeed next time!

+ My obsession with Talon of the Hawk has not abated. I still love every. single. song.

+ Hoping some fresh ideas for breakfast will make the mornings easier to prepare for.

+ Something to try next time I’m in the city.

*Halfway through I managed to convince myself that the sauce needed more liquid. In the form of soy sauce. Which turned it into a salty, unpalatable mess. It was also a mistake to include the cooked herbs from the marinade after the sugary marinade they cooked in had crystallized them into crunchy, salty chunks of black tar. 


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