Internet, Curated


+ I really want to try one (or some) of these make-your-own food bars the next time I’m serving a crowd.

+ Presenting the best white button shirts. As decided scientifically.

+ I think these houses are the coolest.

+ Writers in Canada make an average of $12 000 a year.

+  Mouth-watering smashed potatoes. I love smashed potatoes, but what I’m really interested in is that avocado aioli. Finally an acceptable vegan substitute for sour cream?

+ Beautiful homemade porcupine quill jewellery.

+ Got a tiny room? Don’t fret — just make it do double duty.

+ I heard recently that blogging is dead. But apparently this comes with a qualifier:

“Blogs haven’t disappeared – they have simply morphed into a mature part of the publishing ecosystem.”

+ How to make your own foaming soap.

+ This excerpt left me so excited for the full book — Texts from Jane Eyre by the brilliant Mallory Ortburg

+ How beautiful is this? I saw similar kale used in a bouquet recently and couldn’t get over how striking it looks.

+ Sunday’s brunch.


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